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Welcome to "La Vie" at Coral Estate - The latest project by renowned Triangle Group.

Experience exclusive living with "La Vie," a unique development developed by the renowned Triangle Group. Sustainability and modern architecture seamlessly blend amid a beautiful green environment. Discover why investing in "La Vie" at Coral Estate is the perfect choice.

Sustainability in developmentAbout "La Vie”

On 53,000 square meters of land, we are creating a community of 51 homes with a specific focus on nature conservation and sustainability. By incorporating solar panels, energy storage through batteries, LED street lighting, and greywater reuse, we are fostering an eco-friendly living environment contributing to a better world.


Modern architecture

"La Vie," designed by the architect Henk Bolivar, offers two types of houses that can be partially customized to your preferences. In collaboration with the Dutch interior architect Patrick Russ, we create unique concepts where buyers can personalize their kitchen, bathrooms, tiles, and much more. Additionally, each house has a beautiful infinity pool. "La Vie" is not just a luxury residence but also a community with shared, luxury facilities that enrich daily life.

Property TypeProperty 1

Explore the distinctive design of Property 1, featuring modern architecture and if wanted a complete interior package by Patrick Russ.

3,5 / 4,5
3 / 4
Plot from 802m²

Property TypeProperty 2

Explore Property 2, which, like Property 1, provides a customizable foundation for creating your dream home.

Plot from 750 m2

Your home, your style

A house is more than a residence; it reflects your taste and lifestyle. That's why we offer a unique approach, tailoring the details to your personal preferences. Your home, your choices.

Turn-key solutions

"La Vie" offers more than just houses. We offer a turn-key concept that fully caters to your needs. A complete interior with furniture packages curated by interior architect Patrick Russ, which is ideal for investors and individuals. At Triangle Group, we believe in customization and strive for the best quality and service.

Why invest in "La Vie" at Coral Estate?

Tax benefits

With a low annual lease payment of Nafl. 4000 per house on leasehold land from the General Pension Fund Curaçao (APC), "La Vie" is an attractive investment opportunity. Dutch investors can enjoy tax benefits as the wealth tax (box 3) does not apply. This makes "La Vie" an exceptionally solid investment in Curaçao's vibrant and growing market.


These homes offer an expected rental return of at least 4-5%, along with the option to use the property yourself. A unique opportunity to invest in both comfort and returns on this beautiful island.

Early entry

As an "early believer," you benefit from attractive prices and a potential indirect return of approximately 10-15%. Invest wisely, invest in "La Vie" at Coral Estate - where customization, sustainability, and exclusive living come together.

Where will the houses be located?

Coral Estate Curaçao.

The homes are surrounded by a green environment and offer views of "La Vie." At Coral Estate, you'll find outdoor activities such as mountain biking and hiking trails, as well as diving and snorkeling opportunities on the house reef. Additionally, the most beautiful beaches, Porto Mari and Cas Abou, are just a few minutes away.
Property Type 1
42 homes, designed by Henk Bolivar and featuring modern architecture and a complete interior package by Patrick Russ.
Property Type 2
A luxury residence with a palapa roof, designed by architect Henk Bolivar in collaboration with interior architect Patrick Russ.

For more information, contact us.

For more information, contact us.


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